credo quia absurdum est/ I believe it because it is absurd, 2012

Replica prehistoric pots, museum cabinet, text

credo quia absurdum est/I believe it because it is absurd is comprised of a museum cabinet containing replica prehistoric pots (hand built and traditionally bush-fired by the artist) with an accompanying text.

The text begins by describing how in 2005 archaeologists claimed to have played back sounds of the past, including talking and laughing, using computer scans of the grooves in 6,500 year old pottery. It goes on to say that the claims turned out to be a hoax, but finishes by suggesting how this might actually be attempted.

The work is designed to sit in a museum setting, where it hovers between fact and fiction, authenticity and fakery, art and science; it asks, do facts constitute something greater than fiction, or can fiction reveal deeper truths about ourselves?